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Yes – Age 50 Can be the New 35

If 50 is the new 35, wouldn’t you like to look as good as you feel without resorting to cosmetic procedures?

Forget rushing to the beauty counter for the latest ‘miracle’ cream, savvy women are turning on their own anti-aging hormone to help bring back the radiance of youth.

You’ve heard that 50 is the new 35, but instead of spending a fortune on skin creams, savvy women have learned there’s a safe, natural way to do so much more. They are improving their skin, stamina and health by telling their bodies to release more of the human growth hormone (HGH) that their body is storing.

HGH is important to keeping your skin radiant and wrinkle-free. But your body slowly stops releasing it beginning at about age 25. By your 40th it is decreasing rapidly. By your 50s, only a minor trace of HGH is released. Women who use a natural growth hormone releaser are telling their bodies to release more of their HGH, resulting in younger looking skin. These women also report more restful nights and greater emotional stability, which also helps to give them a more rested, positive appearance.

“We all want to feel better and look younger as we age,” explains David Donatelle, M.D., the medical director of the American Anti-Aging Society, Inc. “People are reporting great results from the use of a growth hormone releaser, which stimulates the release of your own growth hormone that is stored in your pituitary gland. So you get the benefits of increased HGH levels without the cost and health risks associated with synthetic hormones.”

Dr. Donatelle, whose clinical research focuses on anti-aging and enhancing the quality of life, says the primary reason so women have also become loyal users of the natural HGH releaser, available as GHR-15, because it gives them more energy and mental acuity. “Instead of looking and feeling tired, and worn out, they wake up refreshed and ready to go.” Other reported youth-restoring benefits include:

  • Loss in body fat
  • Increased skin thickness and improved texture
  • Help with renewed hair growth and restoring color
  • Increased bone density
  • Increased exercise endurance
  • Positive effect on sexual potency/frequency
  • Improved emotional stability and controlled mood swings
  • Improved memory and mental alertness
  • Increased resistance to common illnesses
  • Help with heart strengthening
  • Cholesterol lowering

The difference between synthetic HGH and natural GHR-15

With shortcuts such as synthetic hormones come dangers and side effects. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, and adding synthetic HGH to your body may throw off your natural hormone balance. It may also result in allergic responses, blood sugar problems, internal bleeding, edema, heart problems, low blood pressure and perhaps even cancer.

GHR-15 works with your body, and everyone’s results will be unique. “The biggest difference is that your body will only produce a certain amount of its own growth hormone – GHR-15 isn’t adding anything to your body and it can’t artificially raise that amount to dangerous levels. The higher your growth hormone levels are when you start taking it, the longer it will take to see a difference. The lower your growth hormone levels, the quicker you’ll see a difference,” says Dr. Donatelle.

He adds that GHR-15 has no effect on abnormal cell growth. “In fact, studies have shown that because of the boost to the immune system, an HGH releaser can actually help in reducing the chance that abnormal cells will appear.”

When combined with exercise and a nutritious diet, GHR-15 can help support your body’s ability to maintain and enhance its youth. “When looking at the many aspects in life leading to good health, extended life span with a better quality of life, we must look at age-related decreasing levels of HGH in our bodies. Increasing HGH in otherwise healthy individuals has been studied and accepted as an effective means for slowing down the natural aging process.”

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Biography – David Donatelle, MD

Dr. Donatelle has more than 30 years experience as a health care professional and writer, with a focus in the areas of nutrition, wellness for the aging and community medicine. Today, his focus is clinical research directed towards understanding the aging process in order to help this population extend their life span with a quality of life never before imagined. He is the founder and director of Longevity Medical Research LLC, and currently serves as Medical Director for The American Anti-Aging Society.

GHR 15 – All Natural Hormone Releasers

GHR 15 Gold

GHR Renew-U

GHR Re-Start 21

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