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What is HGH and Its Affects

Human growth hormone is an endocrine hormone, produced by the pituitary gland in the center of the brain and regulates all other hormones within the body. Everyone has optimal levels of HGH in their body from birth throughout adolescence. However, HGH levels generally peak between the ages of 21 and 30 then begin a steady decline at the rate of 14-15% per decade with only a trace left after the age of 60. At approximately, age 20, the pituitary gland produces an average of 500 micrograms of HGH per day and by 80 years of age less than 25 micrograms per day.

Studies have shown that virtually every adult exhibits significant loss of HGH, the main contributor of aging. By the age of 40 "elderly" levels of HGH production may exist, down as much as 50% of youthful adolescent levels. To safely regain optimal levels, GHR 15 is an effective, all natural HGH releaser alternative. It has a unique blend of over 30 ingredients stimulating the anterior pituitary gland to release your own growth hormones. With continued use, GHR 15 will slow the aging process, promote health , vitality, longevity and improve the quality of life.

Steady Month by Month Improvements with GHR 15®

With continued use of GHR 15, a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and exercise, the following benefits can be experienced:

1st Month

Renewed sense of vivacity and spirit, improved sleep patterns, increased energy and stamina.

2nd Month

Improved muscle tone, increased strength, weight loss, improved skin tone, nail growth, eyesight, enhanced sexual function, increased mental concentration.

3rd Month

Increase in muscle size, improved muscle flexibility and recovery, less pain with faster wound healing and recovery, restoration of hair condition, growth and strength, increased sexual desire.

4th Month

Continued changes and improvements in all areas: sleep, energy, attitude, memory, concentration, muscle mass, flexibility, weight loss, eyesight, skin, hair, nails, sexual function.

5th Month

Improvement in skin appearance, texture, elasticity, reduction of lines, wrinkles, hair becomes thicker, shinier, reduction in weight and inches.

6th Month

Cellulite diminishes with continued weight loss, body appears more contoured, enhanced effects of exercise, increased cardiac output, improvements in emotional stability, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, immune systems, bone density, vision, strong resistance to illness, colds, flu.

These improvements can be maintained with continuous use of GHR 15 along with a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and exercise.

The original GHR 15® and family of health supplements were developed by Dr. Don Johnson, a leader in the anti-aging revolution.

Based on 35 years practicing orthomolecular medicine, Dr. Johnson developed the original anti-aging formula for GHR 15. Orthomolecular medicine, a term first used by Linus Pauling, treats various conditions resulting from chemical imbalances or deficiencies through the use of supplements that help to achieve the optimal level of naturally occurring chemical substances such as vitamins dietary minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and the like.

GHR 15 and AAASI’s other products naturally slow the aging process by stimulating the anterior pituitary gland to release your body’s growth hormones. Research has shown that the decline of human growth hormone (HGH) with age is directly associated with many of the symptoms of aging such as increased body fat, wrinkling of the skin, loss of libido, increased cholesterol, lack of vitality and decreased muscle mass. GHR 15 postpones and in some cases reverses the aging process by triggering the production of your own HGH. Every amount of growth hormone replacement plays a significant role in rebuilding revitalizing organs of the body, in addition to a renewed sense of spirit and vivacity.

"This is going to add thirty years to our life expectancy. Not just life, but quality of life. It will restore the immune function, increase bone density, reduce fat, which we know is associated with many other diseases, from diabetes to hardening of the arteries and cancer. GHR 15 will even make your cardiovascular system function better.

The components of GHR 15 are one of the most significant medical discoveries in history. The biggest up until this time were antibiotics, which increased life expectancies by fifteen to twenty years. Next was anesthesia, allowing us to cut into people, taking things out, and rearrange things without pain, GHR 15 eclipses all.

I can’t say enough about GHR 15. Its benefits are so remarkable that we don’t even have a grid to receive or understand its place in medical history and all GHR 15 can do for us."

Dr. Don Johnson

A dietary supplement, GHR 15 is one of the popular "growth hormone releasers" that have appeared on the market in recent years. Behind these products is the belief that increasing levels of human growth hormone in the blood will prevent or reverse age related changes in the body.

Human growth hormone, or hGH, is produced by the pituitary gland and plays an important role in growth in children and adolescents. Once full growth is achieved, at about age 21, the amount of the hormone produced drops off and continues to decline as the years pass. Experience with hormone replacement therapy in deficient individuals and athletes has suggested that raising levels in the blood can result in increases in muscle and strength along with decreases in body fat, and younger looking skin. Human growth hormone itself must be given by injection and is very costly, factors that have instigated the development of growth hormone releasers like GHR 15.

Growth hormone releasers are supposed to stimulate the pituitary gland to release more hGH into the circulation, a natural alternative to hormone injections. These products are typically an amino acid package, containing a group of amino acids that are known to result in higher blood levels of growth hormone. In athletes, studies have shown that the amino acids arginine, ornithine, lysine, and tryptophan all have this effect, and growth hormone releasers like GHR 15 typically contain some or all of these amino acids as well as others.

Growth hormone releasers often also contain a handful of natural ingredients thought to augment the action of the amino acids. GHR15 contains anterior pituitary from cows, hypothalamus, ginseng, and a group of plant sterols and extracts used in natural healing and health. Some of these ingredients are thought to stimulate hGH release while the rest have other proposed health benefits.

The recommended dosage for GHR15 is four capsules daily (taken together) for five days, skip two days, then resume, repeated weekly for three months. Four tablets provide 1200mg of a blend of at least seven amino acids (glutamine, arginine, lysine, glysine, gamma-aminobutyric acid, pyroglutamate, tyrosine). This is actually a very small amount: one large egg provides well over 300mg each of glutamine, arginine, and lysine, and more than 200mg each of glysine and tyrosine, as well as 13 other amino acids for a total of more than 6000mg of amino acids. Similarly, half a cup of avocado provides more than 2200mg of mixed amino acids. While this suggests that supplementing with an hGH releaser is safe, it also suggests that the amino acids we need to maintain maximum production and release of growth hormone are readily available in a healthy diet.

Many testimonials report positive results from GHR15 and other growth hormone releasers. These products are readily available and quite inexpensive compared with hGH replacement injections. They are also likely to be safer (although individuals with a history of heart trouble are advised not to take products containing arginine). The pituitary gland releases maximum amounts of growth hormone during sleep and after exercise, so if you want to obtain maximum benefit from a growth hormone releaser, combine it with a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise, varied sources of dietary protein, and plenty of sleep.

Dr. R. Drysdale

R. Drysdale is a freelance writer with more than 25 years experience as a health care professional.
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