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Effects of Aging on the Skin

During youth, your body produces Growth Factors (special proteins) to accomplish the rapid growth and development that takes place during adolescence. As adults, we continue to need Growth Factors but, as we age, our production of Growth Factors declines and we become less efficient at repair and maintenance of the cells in our bodies.

When we are young, our skin cells renew themselves about every 28 days. As we age, skin cells get replaced more slowly and repaired less effectively. Oil glands lubricate less, elasticity decreases from breakdown of collagen and elastin, skin becomes thinner and less smooth, uneven coloration may appear. Stress, sunlight and pollution take their toll. Lines, wrinkles and blemishes appear and deepen. Skin that was once firm and tight begins to sag.

The Natural Approach—Skin Rejuvenator™

Achieving soft skin on the surface is one thing. Attaining inner health throughout the skin’s layers is another. Earth's Bounty Skin Rejuvenator does both. It replenishes vital anti-aging Growth Factors to penetrate the layers of your skin and stimulate healing and production of fresh, healthy skin. Simultaneously, the advanced formula of rich skin emollients revitalizes your skin’s surface to become smoother and more supple.

Using Skin Rejuvenator adds back Growth Factors and vital Cofactors—infusing bioactive protein molecules and increasing collagen synthesis. This helps to slow down the wrinkling process and improves smoothness and elasticity. Skin Rejuvenator can stimulate the growth of new skin to give you the healthy, radiant glow and a smoother, more youthful looking skin. By integrating Skin Rejuvenator with your individual health and beauty regimen, you may minimize, or even reverse, some of the signs of aging.


During youth, our bodies produce high levels of Human Growth Hormone which, in turn, produces Growth Factors responsible for the growth and development of our bodies. 

Growth factor levels peak in youth, when our bodies fully develop.  Around age 20, our production of Growth Factors starts declining.  By age 30, we have already lost much of our youthful ability to repair and regenerate the cells in our body’s systems.


By age 30, your body’s production of growth factors is closer to that of an 80-year old person than to a 20-year old


As a source of ready-to-use Growth Factors, Longevitrol helps compensate for your body’s normal decline in Growth Factors.

“IGF-1 (is a) powerful stimulant to cellular metabolism throughout the body. IGF-1 growth factor carries out many of the beneficial actions of HGH . . . IGF-1 is the downstream player that actually exerts most of the effects we associate with HGH . . . it is 10 times more potent than growth hormone (in its anti-aging action).”
                                                            Ronald Klatz, M.D.
                                                            President, American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine
                                                            Author “Anti-Aging Secrets for Maximum Lifespan”

The anti-aging medical community believes that, as we age, our rate of diminished function is not inevitable.  They advocate compensating for the body’s declining capabilities with lifestyle and supplementation targeted at optimum health for prolonged mental and physical abilities.

Various health supplements use the term “anti-aging,” but most of these have extremely limited functions that are “indirectly” related to anti-aging.  A few are intended to have a more direct influence on the aging process.  The following is a comparison of anti-aging supplement “categories.” 

Homeopathic Growth Hormone:  A small amount of synthetic Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in a very diluted solution.  It is intended to mimic the effects of full-strength pharmaceutical HGH which must be administered by a physician and must be taken by injection (see HGH explanation below chart).  Generally, in a homeopathic, the amount of active ingredient (HGH) is so minute that it is insignificant to produce the desired results on its own.  Rather, a homeopathic attempts to stimulate the body into producing more of its own HGH.  Unfortunately, as your body ages, it becomes physically less capable of HGH production, regardless of the stimulus.

HGH Secretagogues: Common amino acids and/or other ingredients that attempt to stimulate the body into producing more of its own HGH.  Again, the older the body, the less capable it is of responding to this type of stimulus.

Velvet Antler: Natural mix of Growth Factors and Cofactors as it comes directly from Mother Nature.  Velvet antler contains Growth Factors and Cofactors just like those produced in your body.  Velvet antler in capsules/powders tends to lose potency during digestion.  As a liquid oral spray, it goes directly into the body for immediate assimilation without losing potency. 

Anti-Aging Supplement Category Comparison

What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

Produced by the human body, “real” Human Growth Hormone is a hormone responsible for production of Growth Factors (proteins) that perform a variety of developmental and operational functions in the human body.  While the body is growing and developing throughout youth, production of HGH is high.  After maturity (around age 20), the body’s production of HGH declines naturally and dramatically.  Despite this decline, HGH (or the Growth Factors it produces) is still necessary during adulthood for growth, repair and regeneration of cells throughout the entire body.

HGH is also the common name of a pharmaceutical drug synthetically created. HGH has effective anti-aging properties, but it also has considerations of extremely high cost, artificially produced, supplied only through physicians, administration by injection, and potential side effects.  While HGH is a highly significant scientific achievement and has great merits, we do not feel it is a practical solution for the average person. 

What is Velvet Antler?

Because of its numerous medicinal and anti-aging properties, velvet antler has become highly regarded as an effective, proven health supplement.  Velvet antler has been used for a wide variety of conditions for over 2,000 years, and without reported side effects. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, velvet antler is second only to ginseng in importance as a natural remedy.  In addition to its long history of use, velvet antler has been heavily researched by modern scientists.  It is a safe, natural and renewable resource. 

A few types of antler-bearing animals naturally shed their antlers and regrow them each year.  During this process, the antler has a velvety covering, hence velvet antler.  Because the antlers are regrown each year, they are supplied with a high amount of Growth Factors and Cofactors essential to growth and development.

Various countries specialize in the velvet antler industry, which is highly regulated. In New Zealand, deer are raised specifically for this purpose.  They live a pampered life, grazing in lush roaming pastures.  Once a year, under control of veterinarians, the antlers are removed humanely, with no harm to the animals, which are then returned to their pastures. The antler is processed in hygienic conditions and made into pills, powder or liquid.


Velvet antler is a rich, natural source of numerous Growth Factors (IGF-1 & others), and vital Cofactors that are instrumental in cellular growth, repair and regeneration. As you age, your body becomes less efficient at manufacturing these Growth Factors and Cofactors. Velvet antler helps compensate for this decline in Growth Factors and Cofactors.  Longevitrol uses velvet antler and modern technology to provide Growth Factors in a potent, ready-to-use oral spray that helps with cellular growth and regeneration throughout the body. 


Longevitrol uses velvet antler and modern technology to provide Growth Factors in a potent, ready-to-use oral spray that helps with cellular growth and regeneration throughout the body.  Longevitrol oral spray and Skin Rejuvenator créme use only the highest quality velvet antler.  It is specially processed to provide you the highest potency, greatest bio-availability, and most effective results.

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